Here’s why it is a good idea to become a subscriber to an online kids toy shop:

Buying toys for your children can often be a daunting and overwhelming experience, due to the sheer number of kids toys available today. Most parents have opted to shop online, choosing to stay away from the stores altogether to avoid the crowds, queues and chaos that are synonymous with kid’s toy stores.

When looking for an online shop for kids toys, parents should look at a store offering discounts to frequent customers. To find an online shop that can offer this, look at Fat Brain Toys online reviews to see what other customers have said about the store and the products available.

Signing up to a mailing list or subscription service can have a whole range of benefits for you as the customer. Online shops regularly send out their specials or promotional flyers to their email subscribers before they release them to the general public, giving subscribers a chance to take advantage of the special offers first.

Most online shops have loyalty programs, whereby you are rewarded for spending a certain amount of money or making a certain number of purchases. A good example would be getting a 25% discount on your 11th shop on the online store, or perhaps an offer that allows you to buy 3 toys and only pay for 2 when using your login details on the online shop. This can drive up customer retention rates, as well as possibly gaining new customers.

Customers who are happy with the online shop are more likely to tell friends and family about the benefits of shopping at that online store, and we all know how effective word-of-mouth marketing can be for a brand. Word-of-mouth advertising has been proven to be more effective than any advertising or marketing tactic employed by a company.

There are many ways in which customers can benefit by becoming a loyalty member or subscriber to an online toy shop:

Free offers and discounts on new products.

Sneak-peak and pre-order options on exciting new toys that are coming out.

A buy 3 and only pay for 2 items type special.

A rewards program that will either reward customers with cashback, or a percentage off their next shop when they have made a certain number of purchases.

While these are not the only benefits, these are some of the most important. Another way in which an online shop can gain new customers is by offering subscription boxes. These are boxes that are made up monthly and delivered to the customer. Each box contains a new toy, book, pamphlets as well as an item of clothing specifically for your child’s age. These are great ways to keep your child entertained and to make sure that your child is playing with the right toys for their age group.

Should you not wish to subscribe to an online toy store subscription service, you can simply opt-out at any time. There are no costs involved, and no penalties to be paid.